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What is Documentation Drift and How to Avoid It?

In software development, Documentation Drift refers to the ongoing process of a codebase becoming out of sync with its documentation. This occurs when new features, improvements, or changes are made to the codebase without the accompanying documentation being updated accordingly.

52 minutes ago

FreeTrade Crowdfunding 2023: Record Revenue despite Valuation Drop

At the FreeTrade community meetup for London Tech Week: new valuation announced (65% lower than last time), plus FreeTrade's Revenue and BreakEven projections

5 months ago

Freetrade Meetup: AI Portfolio Advisor, Mutual Funds + Proxy Voting

At Freetrade's May 2023 Community Meetup (Meet the CTO), they announced new features, including an AI Portfolio Assistant, mutual funds, proxy voting & auto-investing

6 months ago

MDX Syntax Highlighting in Next.js using Highlight.js

Learn how to implement code syntax highlighting in Next.js for MDX files. Enhance visual appeal and readability using Highlight.js and GitHub code style theme.

6 months ago

How to embed YouTube Videos in MDX Using Next.js

Simple step-by-step guide to creating a reusable MDX YouTube component that lets you to embed YouTube videos into your MDX files. This tutorial uses Next.Js and TypeScript but should be similar in Gatsby too.

6 months ago

MDX Explained: The Ultimate Guide to Extended Markdown

Learn all about MDX (Extended Markdown) with this comprehensive guide. Discover what is MDX, when and how to use it, setting it up, styling it with TailwindCSS, and using it with a CMS. Explore the pros and cons to enhance your understanding of MDX.

6 months ago

Open Links in a New Tab in your MDX Blog (Next.js 13)

Learn how to open links in a new tab on your MDX blog built with Next.js. Override the default "a" tag component with a custom one using MDX, and easily configure links to open in a new tab with this step-by-step guide.

6 months ago

Create a MDX Blog in NextJS 13 (using TailwindCSS)

How to build a MDX Blog using Next.js 13 (app directory), Markdown and TailwindCSS (mobile responsive) with interactive components + Rehype & Remark plugins.

6 months ago

Why Your Website Doesn't Need a Navbar?

After 4 weeks of this site, I look back at the stats & key design decisions made so far including why I don't have a navbar?

7 months ago

Freetrade Meetup: New Features, Crypto & Breakeven 2024

April community meetup: FreeTrade announced 3 new features, shared their shift from Growth to Efficiency and revealed their projected breakeven date.

7 months ago

Identify your Raspberry Pi Model, RAM Size and OS/Distro (2023)

How to tell which model of Raspberry pi you have, check how much RAM is on your Raspberry Pi and which OS /Distro your Pi is running?

7 months ago

Raspberry Pi Pico: 10 facts you didn't know

10 Raspberry Pi Pico Facts to common questions that you probably didn't know. Does the Raspberry Pi Pico have WiFi? How powerful is the RP2040?

7 months ago

NextJS 13: Google Analytics in Consent Mode with Cookie Banner

How to setup Google Analytics (GA4) Consent Mode in NextJS 13. Using App Router and Typescript to create a GDPR Compliant Cookie Banner with consent.

7 months ago

Reverse Engineering Wordle

I'm going to share with you how to reverse engineer Wordle's codebase in order to be able to get all previous and future Wordle answers.

1 years ago

Remotely Access your Raspberry Pi from anywhere (No Port Forwarding)

How to control your Raspberry Pi's desktop over the internet without port forwarding? Using VNC Connect to access your Pi outside your local network.

3 years ago

Installing Mysql Server + Phpmyadmin - Lamp Server - Raspberry Pi Tutorial Part 3

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to set up a full LAMP server on your Raspberry Pi. LAMP stands for - Linux, Apache Web Server, MySQL and PHP. In the previous part of the series, we installed PHP and Apache onto our Raspberry Pi. In this tutorial, we will finish off the LAMP Web stack by installing MySQL and PHPMyAdmin.

3 years ago

Installing Apache Webserver + Php + Setting Up Sftp - Web Server - Raspberry Pi Tutorial Part 2

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to set up a basic Raspberry Pi Webserver. This web server will run on Apache but will also have PHP installed. Allowing you to run .html and .php web files. In addition to this, we are going to set up SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) so that we can remotely update the files on our web server without having to plug our raspberry pi into a display.

3 years ago

Prints Reversed And/Or Mirrored - 3D Printer Error

Having issues 3D printing where your 3D prints are mirrored or just don't look the same as they did in the source file. Are your prints the wrong way round, either things that should be on the left are on the right or things on the top are on the bottom? By following this I will show you how to fix these issues.

3 years ago

Installing Raspbian And Enabling SSH - Headless Setup - Raspberry Pi Tutorial Part 1

In this Raspberry Pi Setup tutorial, I'll show you how to set up your Raspberry Pi without plugging it into a display. This is useful when you want to get up and running quickly.

3 years ago

My Top 3 Working From Home Tips (+1 Bonus)

3 main things have helped me stay productive while Working from Home and I would like to share these tips and tricks with all of you.

3 years ago

Welcome To Everybit Electronics

Hello and welcome to EveryBit Electronics, the electronics shop focused on STEM education.

4 years ago