Welcome To Everybit Electronics

This Blog post was written for everybitelectronics.co.uk which went live in 2019 and expired in 2023.


Hello and welcome to EveryBit Electronics, the electronics shop focused on STEM education.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths - the 4 major subjects that help grow and progress society to bigger and better opportunities. But these opportunities amount to nothing without the knowledge that backs them up.

That's why we are focused on delivering electronics for affordable prices, allowing anyone to learn with hands on practical components - leading to more focused and memorable learning.

Our Future

Over the coming years we aim to help hundreds of people to get involved with coding and microelectronics by not only providing the components at affordable prices but also providing documentation and videos to follow along. Allowing everyone, whatever your skill set, to pick up components and just have fun.

For every kit we release, we aim to provide PDF guides on how to utilise every component of the kit while also hinting at other projects you can embark on yourself to progress further. We will also provide videos to back up these guides in order to suit all of you, regardless of your learning styles. For every component we sell we will try and maintain a catalogue of projects that include these items to try and spark ideas in your heads of projects you can try.


We would love to hear from you and see what projects you have tried with our components (maybe you'll get a shout out on our blog). Despite being a small company we have big ambitions which (with your help) we can achieve. If you love our store and what we stand for please share us with your friends and families.

For any questions or corporate enquiries please ask here.