Reverse Engineering Wordle

I'm going to share with you how to reverse engineer Wordle's codebase in order to be able to get all previous and future Wordle answers. This blog post is accompanied by the following video:

Import Codebase

The first thing to do is to import the current Wordle codebase locally. To do this open up your text editor of choice (VS Code in the video above).

  1. Navigate to the Wordle's site and click view page source. Copy the content of this into a file locally called index.html

We currently have the UI code locally but still need to import the logic code. To do this click on the .js file at the bottom of the page's source.

  1. Copy the source from the .js file into a file locally called main.e65ce0a5.js

Image of File Structure

If you open the index.html file locally you should now have a working copy of the Wordle game locally.

However, if you look in the main.e65ce0a5.js file locally you will see that there are actually only 2 lines of code. This is because the code has probably been minified in order to to reduce file size. To make this file more readable open up index.html locally. Right-click and click inspect to open developer tools. Navigate to the Sources tab and click on the .js file. You should now be prompted to pretty-print the code.

  1. Click Pretty-print and replace your local main.e65ce0a5.js with the newly outputed code.

By the end of this section, you should have 2 files locally, index.html & main.e65ce0a5.js

Reverse Engineer

In order to reverse engineer the codebase, we need a starting point. The only “known information” we have about the wordle codebase is Today's solution. If you don't yet know this then work through the game in order to work out the solution for today.

  1. Now that we have today's word solution lets search for it in the our main.js file locally.

You should see that it is contained in a string array La

  1. Now we know where the solutions are let's see what methods use the La array. To do this in VS Code, right-click on La and click “Go to References”.

Here we can see that 4 references are found. The first one is the initial definition and the other 3 are uses of the variable. The one that looks the most promising is La[a] as is accessing a variable from the La array. Double-clicking this reference takes us to the Da method.

  1. Let's create an answer.js file locally and copy the La array as well as the Da method into it.

Taking a look at the Da method we can see it calls a method called Ga - to take a look at this method, right-click on it and click “Go to definition”.

  1. Let's copy this Ga method to our answer.js file too.

Finally, we see that Ga calls a method called Na which takes in a parameter of Ha

  1. Go to the defintions of both Na and Ha and copy them into our answer.js file

Wordle's Solutions

Your answer.js file should look something like the below:

    var La = ["cigar", "rebut", "sissy", "humph", "awake", "blush", "focal", "evade", "naval", "serve", "heath", "dwarf", "model", "karma", "stink", "grade", "quiet", "bench", "abate", "feign", "major", "death", "fresh", "crust", "stool", "colon", "abase", "marry", "react", "batty", "pride", "floss", "helix", "croak", "staff", "paper", "unfed", "whelp", "trawl", "outdo", "adobe", "crazy", "sower", "repay", "digit", "crate", "cluck", "spike", "mimic", "pound", "maxim", "linen", "unmet", "flesh", "booby", "forth", "first", "stand", "belly", "ivory", "seedy", "print", "yearn", "drain", "bribe", "stout", "panel", "crass", "flume", "offal", "agree", "error", "swirl", "argue", "bleed", "delta", "flick", "totem", "wooer", "front", "shrub", "parry", "biome", "lapel", "start", "greet", "goner", "golem", "lusty", "loopy", "round", "audit", "lying", "gamma", "labor", "islet", "civic", "forge", "corny", "moult", "basic", "salad", "agate", "spicy", "spray", "essay", "fjord", "spend", "kebab", "guild", "aback", "motor", "alone", "hatch", "hyper", "thumb", "dowry", "ought", "belch", "dutch", "pilot", "tweed", "comet", "jaunt", "enema", "steed", "abyss", "growl", "fling", "dozen", "boozy", "erode", "world", "gouge", "click", "briar", "great", "altar", "pulpy", "blurt", "coast", "duchy", "groin", "fixer", "group", "rogue", "badly", "smart", "pithy", "gaudy", "chill", "heron", "vodka", "finer", "surer", "radio", "rouge", "perch", "retch", "wrote", "clock", "tilde", "store", "prove", "bring", "solve", "cheat", "grime", "exult", "usher", "epoch", "triad", "break", "rhino", "viral", "conic", "masse", "sonic", "vital", "trace", "using", "peach", "champ", "baton", "brake", "pluck", "craze", "gripe", "weary", "picky", "acute", "ferry", "aside", "tapir", "troll", "unify", "rebus", "boost", "truss", "siege", "tiger", "banal", "slump", "crank", "gorge", "query", "drink", "favor", "abbey", "tangy", "panic", "solar", "shire", "proxy", "point", "robot", "prick", "wince", "crimp", "knoll", "sugar", "whack", "mount", "perky", "could", "wrung", "light", "those", "moist", "shard", "pleat", "aloft", "skill", "elder", "frame", "humor", "pause", "ulcer", "ultra", "robin", "cynic", "agora", "aroma", "caulk", "shake", "pupal", "dodge", "swill", "tacit", "other", "thorn", "trove", "bloke", "vivid", "spill", "chant", "choke", "rupee", "nasty", "mourn", "ahead", "brine", "cloth", "hoard", "sweet", "month", "lapse", "watch", "today", "focus", "smelt", "tease", "cater", "movie", "lynch", "saute", "allow", "renew", "their", "slosh", "purge", "chest", "depot", "epoxy", "nymph", "found", "shall", "harry", "stove", "lowly", "snout", "trope", "fewer", "shawl", "natal", "fibre", "comma", "foray", "scare", "stair", "black", "squad", "royal", "chunk", "mince", "slave", "shame", "cheek", "ample", "flair", "foyer", "cargo", "oxide", "plant", "olive", "inert", "askew", "heist", "shown", "zesty", "hasty", "trash", "fella", "larva", "forgo", "story", "hairy", "train", "homer", "badge", "midst", "canny", "fetus", "butch", "farce", "slung", "tipsy", "metal", "yield", "delve", "being", "scour", "glass", "gamer", "scrap", "money", "hinge", "album", "vouch", "asset", "tiara", "crept", "bayou", "atoll", "manor", "creak", "showy", "phase", "froth", "depth", "gloom", "flood", "trait", "girth", "piety", "payer", "goose", "float", "donor", "atone", "primo", "apron", "blown", "cacao", "loser", "input", "gloat", "awful", "brink", "smite", "beady", "rusty", "retro", "droll", "gawky", "hutch", "pinto", "gaily", "egret", "lilac", "sever", "field", "fluff", "hydro", "flack", "agape", "wench", "voice", "stead", "stalk", "berth", "madam", "night", "bland", "liver", "wedge", "augur", "roomy", "wacky", "flock", "angry", "bobby", "trite", "aphid", "tryst", "midge", "power", "elope", "cinch", "motto", "stomp", "upset", "bluff", "cramp", "quart", "coyly", "youth", "rhyme", "buggy", "alien", "smear", "unfit", "patty", "cling", "glean", "label", "hunky", "khaki", "poker", "gruel", "twice", "twang", "shrug", "treat", "unlit", "waste", "merit", "woven", "octal", "needy", "clown", "widow", "irony", "ruder", "gauze", "chief", "onset", "prize", "fungi", "charm", "gully", "inter", "whoop", "taunt", "leery", "class", "theme", "lofty", "tibia", "booze", "alpha", "thyme", "eclat", "doubt", "parer", "chute", "stick", "trice", "alike", "sooth", "recap", "saint", "liege", "glory", "grate", "admit", "brisk", "soggy", "usurp", "scald", "scorn", "leave", "twine", "sting", "bough", "marsh", "sloth", "dandy", "vigor", "howdy", "enjoy", "valid", "ionic", "equal", "unset", "floor", "catch", "spade", "stein", "exist", "quirk", "denim", "grove", "spiel", "mummy", "fault", "foggy", "flout", "carry", "sneak", "libel", "waltz", "aptly", "piney", "inept", "aloud", "photo", "dream", "stale", "vomit", "ombre", "fanny", "unite", "snarl", "baker", "there", "glyph", "pooch", "hippy", "spell", "folly", "louse", "gulch", "vault", "godly", "threw", "fleet", "grave", "inane", "shock", "crave", "spite", "valve", "skimp", "claim", "rainy", "musty", "pique", "daddy", "quasi", "arise", "aging", "valet", "opium", "avert", "stuck", "recut", "mulch", "genre", "plume", "rifle", "count", "incur", "total", "wrest", "mocha", "deter", "study", "lover", "safer", "rivet", "funny", "smoke", "mound", "undue", "sedan", "pagan", "swine", "guile", "gusty", "equip", "tough", "canoe", "chaos", "covet", "human", "udder", "lunch", "blast", "stray", "manga", "melee", "lefty", "quick", "paste", "given", "octet", "risen", "groan", "leaky", "grind", "carve", "loose", "sadly", "spilt", "apple", "slack", "honey", "final", "sheen", "eerie", "minty", "slick", "derby", "wharf", "spelt", "coach", "erupt", "singe", "price", "spawn", "fairy", "jiffy", "filmy", "stack", "chose", "sleep", "ardor", "nanny", "niece", "woozy", "handy", "grace", "ditto", "stank", "cream", "usual", "diode", "valor", "angle", "ninja", "muddy", "chase", "reply", "prone", "spoil", "heart", "shade", "diner", "arson", "onion", "sleet", "dowel", "couch", 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"arrow", "mushy", "tribe", "cease", "eager", "birth", "graph", "odder", "terra", "weird", "tried", "clack", "color", "rough", "weigh", "uncut", "ladle", "strip", "craft", "minus", "dicey", "titan", "lucid", "vicar", "dress", "ditch", "gypsy", "pasta", "taffy", "flame", "swoop", "aloof", "sight", "broke", "teary", "chart", "sixty", "wordy", "sheer", "leper", "nosey", "bulge", "savor", "clamp", "funky", "foamy", "toxic", "brand", "plumb", "dingy", "butte", "drill", "tripe", "bicep", "tenor", "krill", "worse", "drama", "hyena", "think", "ratio", "cobra", "basil", "scrum", "bused", "phone", "court", "camel", "proof", "heard", "angel", "petal", "pouty", "throb", "maybe", "fetal", "sprig", "spine", "shout", "cadet", "macro", "dodgy", "satyr", "rarer", "binge", "trend", "nutty", "leapt", "amiss", "split", "myrrh", "width", "sonar", "tower", "baron", "fever", "waver", "spark", "belie", "sloop", "expel", "smote", "baler", "above", "north", "wafer", "scant", "frill", "awash", "snack", "scowl", 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    var Ha = new Date(2021,5,19,0,0,0,0); //Start Date - 0 = Jan so this is 19th June 2021
    function Da(e) {
        //e = solution date
        var a, s = Ga(e); // a is undefined & S = days between solution date & start date
        return a = s % La.length, //divides day by length and returns the remainder (allows the game to loop words) so if day is 200 & length is 2000 then 200/2000 does not return whole number so 200 is returned however if 2001/2000 then 1 is returned
        La[a] //Find the a index in the list 
    function Ga(e) {
        //Ha = start date, e = Solution date
        return Na(Ha, e)
    function Na(e, a) {
        //e or s = start date, a = solution date, t = difference between solution date & start date in milliseconds
        var s = new Date(e) 
          , t = new Date(a).setHours(0, 0, 0, 0) - s.setHours(0, 0, 0, 0); //number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970 00:00:0
        return Math.round(t / 864e5) //19875600000 / 86400000 (1 day) = find out how many days between 2 dates rounded to nearest day

In order to view the solution create a file called answer.html with a p tag and with our answer.js imported. It should look something like this:

    <p id="answer">Answer</p>
    <script src="answer.js"></script>

To set this p tag to today's answer add the following code to our answer.js file:

    var results = Da(new Date);
    document.getElementById("answer").textContent = results

Now opening answer.html will show you today's answer.

Past & Future Solutions

Finally - in order to make it easier we are going to create a page with a date selector in order to find the answer for any day. To do this change you answer.html to:

    <input type="date" id="date" name="trip-start" value="2022-02-03">
    <button onclick="myFunction()">Click me</button>
    <p id="answer">Answer</p>
    <script src="answer.js"></script>

We also need to add the following line to our answer.js towards the top of the file:

    function myFunction(){
        var date = document.getElementById("date").value;
        var results = Da(date);
        document.getElementById("answer").textContent = results

Thank you for getting this far through the blog. If you enjoyed it or learned something new then make sure to share this page with others. Also, subscribe to the Youtube Channel too for more content in the future.